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Der Brautstrauß

Der Brautstrauß

Cliff diving


Hund Trick

Finally it paid off : training your dog for that “catch the ball and make a back-flip” tournament earned you respect in the district park. It’s probably time to do your dog justice and put that his impressive feat on a flipbook.

Die Katze

Cats have extended their supremacy over the internet a look time ago. The masters of the Interwebs are producing numerous little unique moments with their cuteness levels to the max. Loop that impossible 4m jump or simply how they play with that damn string instead of the expensive cat toy you just bought.


Flip7 unterstützt GIFs.

Ollie - Skaterboard

Nobody believes but you did manage that cool ollie in between roof-tops. Now you can bring a proof everywhere with you, no screen or batteries needed.

Das Baby

As parents, it's impossible to forget all those first times our kid reached a milestone. First crawl, first steps, first bicycle ride. Bonus idea: Get her/him one special moment for their 18th birthday.